Yorkville Council Unanimously Approves Solar Farm for Kendall County Government Campus

By: Tyler Bachman – WSPYNews.com

In a 8-0 vote at the Yorkville City Council meeting on Tuesday, aldermen approved a solar farm that if approved for state funding, would help to power the Kendall County Government Campus in the 800 block of John St.

Petitioner GRNE Solar requested a special use permit for the city of Yorkville on behalf of the Kendall County Board who has been pushing for the project to go through. The free standing solar structure will be on 7.4 acres of land consisting of around 6,400 solar modules.

The vote was made in front of solar representatives and some members of the county board who were in attendance in the audience.

GRNE CEO Eric Peterman says the motorized mechanisms that tilt the panels sound a little softer than a refrigerator running from about 10 feet away and fans used to cool the systems additionally make minimal noise.  

Peterman and attorney Dan Kramer told the council that a seven and a half foot fence around the farm had been agreed to. They also answered aldermen questions about panel construction, liability for damage and the structures’ capabilities to handle high winds.

During the committee process, resident and business representatives in the area voiced mixed opinions on the project with some in favor and others in opposition.

Representatives from an area business directly near the site who had submitted opposition previously did not speak against the project Tuesday, nor did anyone else. Here was Mayor Gary Golinski speaking with Peterman about accommodations made.

The petitioner will now apply for solar incentives at the state level on January 15th with possible installation as soon as April of 2019. Peterman estimated that over the life of the 25 year-term, the county would save around $4 Million.

In other Yorkville news, petition filing for open aldermen seats and the mayor’s seat is ongoing through next Monday. To this point, Golinski and Alderman Joe Plocher have filed for Mayor. Chris Funkhouser is seeking re-election in Ward 3 and will have a challenger, resident Matthew Marek. Seaver Tarulis in Ward 4 and Jackie Milschewski in Ward 2 both told WSPY they intend to file for re-election. Ward 1 Alderman Carlo Colosimo has indicated he will not seek re-election after serving two terms.