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Progressive Business Solutions is a premier provider of utility supply audit services, helping companies lower their overall energy costs and maximizing the return on their energy investments.

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10% to 40% Savings and Over $400 Million Dollars.

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Send us your most recent electric and natural gas invoices for a free audit and our energy experts will compare them to other suppliers, determining when and how you can start saving money on your energy bills.

Conserve Your Energy

Once we have cut your energy costs, we can help you take your savings even further by conducting a comprehensive audit of your facility and offering a variety of energy efficiency solutions.

Protect Your Assets

We provide excellent customer service to help you with any issues you come across when working with utility supply companies, saving you time, money, and potential problems down the road.

Three Simple Questions


Are you under contract with an energy supplier, but unsure whether you’re saving money?


Do you think your utility bills are too high and want to lower them, but are unsure where to start?


Have you been approached by an energy supplier who wants to sell you gas or electricity, but aren’t sure whether it will save you money?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions our premier energy audit is right for you.

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Our Approach

Simple and effective. Our balanced, four-step approach considers verification and budgeting of your purchase requirements. We help you structure your energy procurement strategy and purchases to fit your business needs and risk tolerance. We ensure you get the quantity you need, when you need it, and at acceptable market prices. Our proprietary energy auction and cost containment audit will:

  • Establish a baseline and audit existing practices to ensure billing accuracy.
  • Maximize energy cost reductions without overwhelming you with too many options.
  • Streamline the bid and auction process, optimizing the selection of suppliers and bid offers consistent with your risk management objectives.
  • Standardize available offers and negotiate terms to your best advantage.

Is My Service Area Deregulated?

Frequently Asked Energy Questions

Contact Progressive Business Solutions’s Customer Service team. We’ll review your bills and resolve billing discrepancies with your utility on your behalf, saving you time.

Slamming occurs when a misleading salesperson obtains your account information and terminates your supplier contract without your consent. Progressive Business Solutions helps customers avoid early termination fees and re-enroll dropped accounts without penalties or disruptions to service. Our longstanding relationship with suppliers prompts many suppliers to notify us when an account is dropped, often before the customer is aware.

Yes. If your business moves, expands, or needs to add or remove a meter, Progressive Business Solutions will work with your supplier to adjust your existing account, on your behalf.

Manufacturers and nonprofit organizations may qualify for energy sales tax-exempt status. Progressive Business Solutions will evaluate your account, determine if you should be tax exempt, help you apply for tax-exempt status, and assist you with receiving reimbursement for paid taxes.

Contact Progressive Business Solutions’s Customer Service team. If you buy or sell property that is locked into an energy supplier contract, Progressive Business Solutions will work with your supplier and buyer or seller to ensure a smooth transition.

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Use the interactive map below to see if your service area is within a deregulated market. Map data is up-to-date as of October 2018 and is subject to change.