Additional Services

Facility Auditing

Do you know if your building is operating with the wrong meter? Are the installed lights in your office helping conserve energy?

Progressive Business Solutions is able to find out for you and more by providing an audit of your facility, ensuring that you are operating with the correct equipment, meter size, and energy demand.

Looking to go green? We can help with that too!

Solar Energy

Have you been considering solar energy? Solar is the future of the energy industry and rapidly becoming more and more popular in energy consumption, with businesses making the change every day.

Progressive Business Solutions works with several solar energy companies and can provide assistance in switching to solar energy, help customers who have already installed solar panels to find the best energy rates, and answer any questions you may have about the solar energy industry.

Demand Response

Did you know that you could receive a financial incentive if you lower your usage during critical energy-usage times? It’s true!

Known as the “Demand Response” program, eligible customers are able to receive monetary compensation if they lower their electric use during peak periods, when energy is at its highest (like on hot, summer days), to help alleviate supply and demand imbalances.

Progressive Business Solutions is able to connect those eligible customers to several Demand Response programs, providing assistance to participate and receiving financial gain.

Portfolio Management

Worried you might be making critical mistakes when it comes to your energy portfolio?

Leave it to Progressive Business Solutions to help you out by providing answers to any of your energy questions and solutions to any of your energy needs.

With our portfolio management services, we can provide ongoing and forecasted budget reports for energy usage, audit current supplier agreements to ensure they are compliant with contractual obligations, negotiate supplier contracts to validate they are within energy standards, and research discrepancies between forecasted costs and actual usage to ensure budget certainty. 

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