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Introducing Zero Fee Processing

Eliminate your processing fees by switching to the Cash Discount program. The Cash Discount program allows business owners to pass along processing fees to your customers, much like municipalities and energy companies have been doing for years.

Our program, which is fully compliant with policies set forth by the Durbin Amendment, section 920 in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Act, as well as the card brands (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), utilizes proprietary software to offset your processing fees and pass them along to the consumer. No longer do you, as a business owner, have to fund the credit card rewards that your customers are receiving, at the expense of your own margin.

The Cash Discount program encourages customers to pay with cash, rather than using a credit card. Those customers who pay with cash will receive a small discount, which is already built into the price of goods or services you provide. Customers who choose to use a credit card will not receive the discounted price as listed and will see a minimal adjustment, usually 3.75%, reflected on their receipt. We provide all the signage necessary to inform your customers of the program and keep you compliant.

Businesses making $10,000 per month will save approximately $3,600 per year
Businesses making $50,000 per month will save approximately $18,000 per year
Businesses making $100,000 per month will save approximately $36,000 per year

Our Core Services

Credit Card Processing

Did you know that 95% of business owners are overpaying each month and don’t even know it? Let us help you reduce your costs and improve the way you accept payments. We work with businesses of all sizes in any industry and will customize a plan tailored to fit the needs of your business, helping you save money. Our customers save an average 34% on their processing fees!

Level 3 Processing

Are you a business who sells primarily to other businesses? Are most of your credit card transactions manually entered into a payment gateway? If you've never heard of Level 3 processing, chances are you're paying significantly more than you need to each month. Our Level 3 customers save an average of 47% on their processing fees!

Same Day/Next Day Funding

Is cash flow a concern? If you're like most business owners, of course it is. Nobody wants to wait for their money and now you don't have to. With batch times as late as 11pm EST qualifying for Next Day Funding, you'll get your deposits quicker than ever. Do you stay open past midnight? Ask us about our Same Day Funding option. 

Our Point-of-Sale Solutions


The #1 POS system for small business owners, with over 500,000 systems sold. Customize the Clover to the needs of your business through the App Market, which currently has over 300 Apps to choose from.


RIO POS is perfect for Quick Serve restaurants and boutique retail shops. Manage your inventory, customers and employees all in one place. And best of's FREE!

Revel iPad POS

Revel is the leading iPad POS for the restaurant industry. Order and Pay at the table to speed up service and increase accuracy, all while being EMV compliant. Integrate your 3rd party online ordering apps directly into your Revel POS.


Shopkeep is the perfect, easy to use iPad POS for smaller Quick Serve restaurants and Retail establishments.


Use Poynt to integrate directly into your Micros, Aloha or Dinerware POS systems to become EMV compliant, eliminate chargebacks and place orders directly from the table.

Mynt POS

Mynt POS is designed for Quick Serve restaurants and basic retail. Best of all, Mynt comes with our ZERO percent processing program.

Additional Services

American Express Opt Blue

Accept American Express for virtually the same cost as Visa/Mastercard. Sometimes even less with our Opt Blue program. 

Quickbooks Integration

Process with Progressive Business Solutions and integrate your payments directly into your existing Quickbooks account. 

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Secure future business and increase visits from your regular customers with our Gift Card and Loyalty Rewards Programs. 

Electronic Checks

Accept Checks with instant approval and zero risk. Our Check Guarantee program protects your business from accepting fraudulent checks, so you can accept payments with peace of mind. 

Virtual Terminals

Set up recurring payments and send invoices through email, with a secure pay link to speed up receivables

Business Funding

Working Capital for your business. No bank loans, no monthly payments. Qualify for up to $500,000, based on your monthly credit card receivables.


Generate thousands of dollars a month in additional revenue! Buy or Lease options available.

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Frequently Asked Payments Questions

Rates are different for each business and there are any number of factors which are taken into account when figuring out rates and fees. A better question would be “How much can you save?” and the easiest way to find out is to send us your most recent processing statement and allow us to provide you with a FREE Savings Analysis.

Unlike most of our competitors, we’ve partnered with many of the leading processors to make sure we’re able to provide the best solutions for you, in addition to the lowest rates. The processor we place you with will depend on the specific needs of your business. What’s most important to us is having the right options to best assist each customer. Our portfolio is always growing, so if there’s a product or service that you’re looking for, we’re likely to have it.

With all of our processing partners, we have a next day funding option and even have same day funding for businesses who qualify. Of course, the funding times also depend in what time you batch out each night. Anything before 6:00pm (and sometimes up to 11pm) will qualify to receive your funds the next morning.

The application process takes about 10 minutes. After that, most accounts are approved within 24hrs and we can have your terminal installed in as little as 72 hours. Larger accounts with multiple terminals or POS systems can take a bit longer, but we’re here to keep you updated along the way.

During normal business hours, we’d prefer you contact your Sales Rep or our office directly. Of course, for those after-hour concerns or technical support, we offer 24/7 assistance through each of our processing partners.

In most cases, we’re going to swap out your credit card terminal to make sure you have the most up-to-date software and security features, along with a lifetime warranty. If you have a POS System, let us know which one and we’ll let you know if we’re compatible. Currently, we’re able to integrate with about 90% of the systems on the market. If you’re ready for an upgrade, let us know and we can help point you in the right direction based on your needs.

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