Power is ON at Kendall County Courthouse Campus Solar Array; $160,000 Per Year Savings for Taxpayers

April 19, 2021 / WSPY WCSJ News

Local officials gathered on Saturday at the solar field west of the Kendall County Public Safety Building in Yorkville for the ribbon-cutting of the county’s solar array.

Progressive Energy of Aurora handled the contracting on the project, and Progressive’s Chris Childress spoke about former county board member Bob “HD” Davidson, who spearheaded the project.

The solar array will power three buildings on the courthouse campus. Excess power is sent back to Commonwealth Edison for future electricity credits.

There are 5,544 solar modules at the courthouse campus site, and 40 inverters that exchange the direct current to alternating current.

The power from the Kendall County solar field could power 395 homes.

WSPY’s Jim Wyman asked Kendall County Board Chairman Scott Gryder about the cost savings from changing over to solar.

50th District State Representative Keith Wheeler also attended the ceremony. The state legislature passed the Future Energy Jobs Act in 2016, which generated the solar activity in Illinois.

Wheeler spoke about the future of solar energy in Illinois.

No Kendall County tax dollars were used for the project, and the solar field lowered county CO2 emissions by over 50 per cent.