GRNE Completes 2.1-MW Adjustable Block Program Solar Project for Kendall County, Illinois

April 15, 2021 / Kelsey Misbrener / Solar Power World

GRNE Solar has completed installation and powered on its 2.1-MW solar project for Kendall County, Illinois. The project is located on a vacant 7.4-acre parcel at the Government Center Complex in Yorkville, Illinois. It will be owned, operated and maintained by GRNE and will provide power to the Kendall County Public Safety Center, County Judicial Center and Public Health Department.

“Kendall County is continually looking for ways to reduce our operating costs. This will save county taxpayers over $4 million dollars. When Progressive Business Solutions presented a program that allowed us to reduce our costs without any capital investment, we decided it was a good fit for Kendall County and its residents,” said Scott Gryder, Chairman of the Kendall County Board.

Funds were made available in 2019 and 2020 from the Adjustable Block Program (ABP) under the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), passed in December of 2016. Area residents, businesses, governmental organizations and nonprofits all pay into a renewable energy fund, which is collected on each customer’s monthly ComEd bill. The available funds were highly competitive in that less than 30% of the applications submitted received approval.

GRNE also announced it completed a 2.6-MW solar project for Fox Metro Water Reclamation District under the Adjustable Block Program.

SOURCE Solar Power World